Trench Foot


This is an outtake from a bon bon story yours truly shot for Powder Magazine last spring. Thank you Dave Reddick. Not all photographers might consider this a bon bon. Me? Hell yes! I would have done the trip regardless of the assignment. Hence ‘bon bon’, a term I learned from a German DP working on a job for Addidas a few years ago.

Our goal here was a 4-day traverse of the Eagle Cap Wilderness, aka the Wallowas*, in northeastern Oregon from Halfway to Joseph. We succeeded although a tad more quickly than planned. Spring conditions were expected but, as often happens in the mountains, we got spanked. We had no chance to skin laps in the sun and position athletes with radios let alone dry our drawers, boot liners or sleeping bags. ‘My kingdom for a synthetic fill bag,’ was an unspoken refrain by night two.

I don’t recommend this trip when ma nature swings her paddle. Still we managed, had a ton of fun and only one in five came down with the nasty foot predicament.

*Wallowa is a Nez Perce word “used to describe a structure of stakes set in a triangle used to support a network of sticks called lacallas, for catching fish.” -Oregon Geographic Names by Lewis A. McArthur & Lewis L. McArthur